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  • Mid Term Contract Review - JDS will ensure you are complying with all of the terms and conditions of your contract. We will personally review all of your procedures to ensure that they are in place and in accordance with the requirements of your contract..
  • Price Reduction Monitoring - In accordance with Clause 552.238-75, before the award of a contract you will agree upon the customer(s) which will be the basis of award and the Government's price or discount relationship to the identified customer(s). This relationship MUST be maintained throughout the term of the contract. JDS will be your guide throughout this process.
  • Most Favored Customer Analysis - GSA requires that the prices you offer the Government t be "equal to" or "better than" the prices you offer your most favored customer, terms and conditions being alike. Based on the information you provide JDS, we will do an analysis and compare all of your customers for the purpose of this very important part of your proposal submission.