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Schedules Consulting
  • No charge strategic review to ensure your product/service falls within the scope of a particular schedule.
  • Preparation of information needed for Schedule submission. This could entail any or all of the following:
    • Commerciality and/or cost build-up to determine fair and reasonable pricing
    • Representations and certifications
    • Registration with CCR and ORCA
    • Determination of your Most Favored Customer (MFC) and how it relates to the pricing you are offering the Government (standard commercial sales practices)
    • Past Performance Evaluation
    • Preparation of a Small Business Subcontracting Plan (if applicable)
    • Financial responsibility
    • VETS-100 compliance
    • Letters of Supply
    • Acceptance of the Government credit
    • Compliance with Trade Agreements Act
    • EEO Compliance
    • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)
    • Teaming Arrangements
    • Certificates of Competency (COCs)
  • Document review by an JDS Personnel who was a Contracting Officer with GSA to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the solicitation and other Government regulations.
  • Pricing analysis for maximum profitability.
  • Clarification and Negotiation Support - JDS will represent your firm throughout the negotiation process to include pricing strategies, Most Favored Customer as it relates to the Price Reduction Clause as well as applicable terms and conditions.
  • Final Proposal Revision letter preparation and submission to GSA.
  • Submission of Proposal to GSA - JDS will personally deliver your proposal to GSA to insure that it is received.
  • Contract Award - Your responsibility does not stop here. In order to keep and maintain your contract, you must ensure that you are compliant with all of the requirements of the contract as mentioned below.